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Introducing MindTRAK Golf

MindTRAK Golf is a mental game improvement protocol and software application – an innovative product/service in the golf performance industry. MindTRAK Golf delivers a playing mindset to access the present moment or the now. Employing our protocol is the thought sequence requirement—mental fitness—to detach emotionally from results.  MindTRAK Golf reconditions golfer’s attentional bias (habitual thought) onto their Key Performance Markers (KPMs) of each shot rather than result-oriented projecting.  This attentional ‘thought-correction’ calms the hyperactive mind and mitigates anxiety.  Our protocol conditions the golfer’s mindset to optimize performance under pressure situations.

MindTRAK Golf tracks, measures and reports on each golfer’s KPM data. Our KPM metrics establish a baseline standard for all golf shots.  Our reports show percentage change against a user’s baseline for all golf shots in every round played.  Our reports identifyquantify and prioritize which KPMs cause Lost Shot events and Gained Shot events during every round.

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What Problem does MindTRAK Golf Solve?

MindTRAK Golf’s approach and tools develop peak mental perspective to empower optimal performance for golfers of any ability level who are serious about their game.  Our process prevents golfers from heading down the rabbit hole, that deeply embedded mental feedback loop from hell—Golf Insanity—the fear of negative outcomes and the simultaneous desperate hope for good ones.

What Does MindTRAK Golf Promise?

Our promise to you: If you commit to using the MindTRAK Golf protocol you will empower your mindset to:

  • Detach emotionally from results;
  • Develop Presence of Mind in pressure situations;
  • Diminish anxiety;
  • Optimize performance; and
  • Develop that resilient mindset to succeed in golf and life.

We promise users will establish the mindset that gives them emotional ‘FREEDOM’ to play their best golf.

What Does MindTRAK Golf Cost?

MindTRAK Golf is in our Beta testing period.  We plan to offer our product and service to all golfers, coaches and PGA Professional instructors in 2019.

Can Golfers Use MindTRAK Golf On Their Own?

Yes, MindTRAK Golf is perfect for those golfers who prefer to self quantify their game performance.  There is also a Share List option where users can have their three KPM Reports sent to their PGA Professional instructor or coach to review round performance.

Is MindTRAK Golf Available on both iOS and Android?

MindTRAK Golf is only available in iOS (Apple) products at this time.  We plan to offer an Android product at commercial launch.

Being in the Present Moment or the Now (paraphrasing Eckhart Tolle)

“The past is gone forever and the future never comes.  All you have—all you ever had—were all the Now moments that shaped who you are today.  Who you become tomorrow (as a golfer and as a person) will be determined by how you respond to all the Now moments you have to come.”

Our Motto

Better Mindset. Better Golf.

Key Performance Markers (KPMs)

Key Performance Markers (KPMs) or Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are designations of a metric system typically used in business to monitor effectiveness in performance.  Various forms of KPMs or KPIs have been used for centuries to measure performance.

The MindTRAK Golf app is a KPM tracking device—a system that measures how effectively the user/golfer performs the two essential components in each golf shot, against the desired goal: a successful golf shot.

Left unchecked, the golfer’s attention typically wanders down a harmful path.  All golfers need both the physical and mental conditioning in order to optimize performance.  There are two KPMs for every single golf shot. They are:

      1.  The Assessment of the shot

      2.  The Execution of the shot

The MindTRAK Golf app captures key data point (KPMs) of every golf shot— these Key data points are:

  • The club used (driver, 5-iron; pitching wedge; putter; etc.)
  • The shot category (tee shots; second shots; short-game shots; first putts; second putts; etc.); and
  • The users/golfer’s “subjective evaluation” of each golf shot’s KPM:

      1.   Assessment

           a.   Excellent =
           b.   Satisfactory
           c.   Unsatisfactory


      2.   Execution:

           a.   Excellent=
           b.   Satisfactory
           c.   Unsatisfactory

Part of developing a resilient golf mindset involves understanding how your mind works, and how problems occur based on how you think or perceive each golf shot.

Every single golf shot matters. Whether the shot is a 3’ foot putt, a monster tee shot, or any shot in between, you are only as good as how well you perform each of your two golf shots’ KPMs.  Your score is a by-product of how well you perform your KPMs.  In order to develop a resilient mindset for this game, a golfer’s attentional focus needs to shift onto their KPMs, not the results.

When a golfer’s attentional focus jumps over the KPM process to the result, golfers get ahead of themselves. They head down the Golf Insanity rabbit hole—the mental feedback loop from hell.

The two KPMs for every golf shot have an important relationship to every single shot.  And of course every golfer’s intention is to make an Excellent Assessment along with an Excellent Execution for every shot at hand.  Mental improvement means reconditioning one’s attentional focus onto KPMs (and the data capture) of each shot of every round.  You cannot expect to improve your mindset if you continue to focus on results.

Entering KPM Data and Lost & Gained Shot Events

The most important aspect of MindTRAK Golf is capturing and entering your KPM data of each golf shot into the app.  You can enter your KPMs after each shot on the golf course (it takes less than 10-seconds to click a few buttons).   Those who can’t or don’t want to use a cellphone on the course will need to keep track of their KPMs and enter this critical information after the round.

At the end of each hole is the Hole Summary page.  This is where you enter any Penalty Shots you might have incurred.  Moreover, this is where you enter your Lost Shot events and your Gained Shot events attached to the associated KPMs.  This data capture is how the system establishes a baseline standard for all your shot performance.


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