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For Amateur Golfers

At the core of every golfer is the desire to improve.  Amateur golfers—golf consumers—have a strong passion, devotion and commitment to their games.  Most amateur golfers constantly pursue improvement; they’d give almost anything to improve their golf.  In fact, in our market research we discovered…

Four out of ten golfers, when surveyed, said they would trade one year of their life to become a scratch golfer.

Now that is crazy.  Regardless of their situations, golfers’ desire to improve is voracious.  MindTRAK Golf offers a solution to most every golfer’s problem; we are a pioneering product and service—a product that is essential for mental-game performance for all levels of players.

The MindTRAK Golf App and system is the first to bring golfers into the Self Quantified space to improve golf performance—to gain self-knowledge through self-tracking of their Key Performance Markers (KPMs) of each golf shot through our technology.

Golf manufacturers have for decades flooded the market with game-improvement equipment, methods and training products.  Some products work, but most do not.  Yet for a game so dependent on a proper mindset to perform there is a lack of meaningful mental game improvement products or services.

MindTRAK Golf provides a solution and tools for all golfers to either work on their own or with their PGA professional, coach or instructor to improve their performance.

MindTRAK Golf’s methodology solves the problem of fear-based performance anxiety—the fear and anxiety every golfer experiences.  If not contained, a golfer’s unconditioned mindset of recalling past traumatic failures and/or projecting forward creates fear-based thoughts.  Left unchecked, anxiety can manifest into every golfer’s worst nightmare—thought disorders that produce the dreaded involuntary muscle reaction known as the “Yips.”

All golfers, including professionals, amateurs and teaching experts alike, are taught the importance of playing golf with a one shot at a time mindset.  Tour professionals and teaching professionals preach the need to stay in the now in order to optimize performance.  These maxims are widely accepted and have even become clichés.  But you cannot just flip a switch to activate the present moment—you must precondition your mindset to acquire this thought skill for performance on the golf course.

Conventional thinking pervades the golf industry.  Nobody has fully explored how to address and solve this chronic psychological and physiological problem that is specific to golf and life—until MindTRAK Golf.

Your return will be peace of mind, emotional freedom and better performance, which all equates to an improved golf experience.


Empowering you to emotionally detach from the anxiety that comes with result-oriented thinking.

Improve your score and find greater enjoyment. Utilize the MindTRAK Golf Key Performance Indicators to eliminate “golf insanity”.

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