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Teaching golf or golf instruction once meant teaching students to swing the golf club properly.  There are many different ways to swing the golf club effectively.  Hank Haney wants you to swing on plane.  Jimmy Ballard wants to you to have lateral motion during your swing.  The Stack & Tilt approach asks the golfer to rotate around their center of gravity that’s stacked over their ball position.  There are many different ways to build a swing that repeats.

As a PGA Professional or as an independent teacher or coach, you have already figured out the swing method or technique you incorporate.  All instructors’ objectives are the same: to physically build an effective golf swing that becomes second nature for their students to execute different shots on the course.

MindTRAK Golf is an innovative mental game improvement tool that permits you to augment the product and service that you offer your clients.  In addition to your specific golf swing teaching method your will now be able to monitor your student’s MindTRAK’s Key Performance Markers (KPMs) on the golf course.  You will have access to a tool to be able to teach them to access the present moment and condition their mindset to optimize their performance.  There is nothing worse than teaching an effective golf swing if your student has a dysfunctional mindset on the course.

Your students will add you on their Share List (in their Profile Setup of the MindTRAK Golf App) and you will receive three KPM Reports after every round they play:

  1. Mobile Report
  2. Full Report (desktop)
  3. Visualized Report (desktop)

Empowering you to emotionally detach from the anxiety that comes with result-oriented thinking.

Improve your score and find greater enjoyment. Utilize the MindTRAK Golf Key Performance Indicators to eliminate “golf insanity”.

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