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As you advance further into competitive golf, the biggest battles you will need to overcome are not so much with your golf clubs.  The battles you will need to win are those within the confines of your own mind.  If your mindset is not properly conditioned it will obstruct your progress.

Those golfers who succeed are those who will develop the mindset to handle the pressure of playing pro golf at the highest level.  A mindset required is that which has been trained to shift into the present moment when situations get difficult—a mindset that will allow you to detach emotionally from results.  Once you establish this thought skill you will come to rely on it in order to succeed in golf and in life.

If you already play professional golf or aspire to play professional golf, at times you have been stuck and will get stuck at barriers to get to the next level.  You need to overcome these mental barriers.  You’ve broken through them at every level to reach this point.  But for whatever reason you get stuck.  You cannot afford to continue with the same mindset.  You need to learn to stop making those mental mistakes.  You need to develop the right mindset; your mindset will be the determining factor whether you make it or not.

The Burn Your Boat Mindset

The ancient Greek warriors were both feared and respected by their enemies.  In battle, the Greeks established a key psychological differentiating factor.  In battle they held a resilient and superior mindset over their opponents.  Failure was not an option.  They built a reputation for unmatched bravery and an unwavering perspective for victory.  The key to the overwhelming success on the battlefield hinged on each warrior’s perspective.  Their model for success had far more to do with how the Greek commanders shaped their soldier’s minds than physical training or tactics.  The Greeks were master instructors who understood how to help their warriors develop a superior mindset.  When they went to war once the soldiers were offloaded from their boats onto their enemy’s shoreline, the Greek commanders would shout out their first orders, “Burn The Boats!”

The sight and physiological effects of their burning boats removed any notion of retreat or any thought of surrender from their warriors’ mind.  Imagine the tremendous psychological perspective impacting the soldiers as they watched their boats engulfed in flames.  As the boats turned to ash and sank at the shoreline, each man clearly understood there was no turning back—the only way home was through victory.

The underlying motivation for success is breaking through the heavy lifting of a worthwhile burden.  Succeeding in professional golf is heavy lifting; it is not for the faint of heart.  It will prove to be more challenging than you might think right now, but it will also be immensely gratifying for those of you who succeed.  You will feel the burden to perform; in fact you will likely feel pushed around emotionally by fear, anxiety, self-doubt and worry.  When you feel this, let it be a reminder it’s time to “burn your boat” and get into the proper headspace for victory.

There are thousand of young aspiring players trying to make it in the various levels of professional golf.  And there are only a limited number of spots available—those who have the proper mindset will take those spots.

When I look at all the young players coming into the professional ranks today, they all hit it a mile off the tee, and they all have capable physical talent.  But only a few have the proper mindset to overcome the burden you have to face each day as a professional player.

Our method and system is battle tested at the highest level and designed to condition your mind for those intense personal battles—that end in victory.


Empowering you to emotionally detach from the anxiety that comes with result-oriented thinking.

Improve your score and find greater enjoyment. Utilize the MindTRAK Golf Key Performance Indicators to eliminate “golf insanity”.

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