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My Cinderella Story at Brigham Young University

In 1977, Karl Tucker, Brigham Young University’s legendary men’s golf coach, gave me an opportunity to “walk on” his golf team.  This opportunity materialized on the recommendation of fellow Canadian Jim Nelford, who had just completed his senior year on the BYU golf team.  Thankfully, Coach Tucker trusted Nelford’s recommendation.  He placed me in the dorm with Bobby Clampett, another incoming freshman, from Carmel, California.

Bobby Clampett was the premier NCAA recruited player on the planet in 1977—his remarkable game was PGA Tour ready as a freshman.  I will never forget Bobby winning his first three NCAA collegiate individual titles in a row, right out of the blocks our freshman year.  In our senior year at BYU, Bobby turned pro and qualified for the PGA Tour in short order.  I went into my senior year captaining our team (Tom Costello, David DeSantis, Neil Finch, Keith Clearwater, Barry Willardson, Kent Kluba, John Bodenhamer, Rick Fehr and Robert Meyer) to BYU’s first outright NCAA Championship at Stanford in 1981.  Coach Tucker was like a father to all of us on the team—we went to war for him and loved him dearly.

A collegiate golf coach’s primary responsibility is to shape young minds into exceptional individuals so that they can represent the school proudly and also nurture them into excellent players in the time the coach has with them.  Their minds are young, pliable and fertile and will cultivate most any thoughts planted.  Left unguided, their minds will grow unhealthy thoughts.  Their minds will wander aimlessly and it’s critical they start on the right mental path.  The coach’s job is to investigate, question, heal, shape and grow players’ minds to take on situation that will confront them in their life to come.

Your players have a tremendous amount of power and skill but you know they throw too many shots away on the golf course.  As you very well know the best way to improve is to get your players to learn how to stop wasting so many shots in every round.  MindTRAK Golf will help you accomplish your objectives.

Our system will help you and your golf program in these ways:

  1. Your players will recondition their mindset to improve their Shot Lost events during every round they play.
  2. You will receive three Key Performance Markets Reports after each of your player’s rounds and be able to track, identify and quantify each of your player’s KPM data, which will identify your player’s Lost Shot events and Gained Shot events in tournament play.
    • Mobile Report
    • Full Report (desk top)
    • Visualized Report (desk top)
  3. You will see how their percentage change in their KPM (Shot Lost events and Gained Shot events) relates to their baseline standard on each golf shot.
  4. Our protocol will condition your players into a proper and healthy mindset—teaching them to detach emotionally from expectations and results. Their newly formed mindset will allow them to learn how to optimize performance under every level of pressure.

MindTRAK Golf conditions your players to stop thinking about results and will change their attentional focus onto assessing and executing (their KPMs) on the most important shot in golf—their current shot.

You know how hard it is to get these young minds to play one shot at a time.  Players’ minds need to be conditioned to handle the difficult situations that confront them as they progress in collegiate competition and beyond.

You do not want to leave their mental development to chance.



Empowering you to emotionally detach from the anxiety that comes with result-oriented thinking.

Improve your score and find greater enjoyment. Utilize the MindTRAK Golf Key Performance Indicators to eliminate “golf insanity”.

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