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Develop the Mindset of a Champion with an Easy-to-Use App

MindTRAK resolves that deeply embedded mental feedback loopGolf Insanitythe fear of negative outcomes and the simultaneous desperate hope of good ones.

Golf is a psychosomatic game.

Performance, for all golfers, including the best players in the world, is thought and emotional fragile—the easiest path to golf improvement is to stop the Golf Insanity

Setup & Implementation

Built-in handicap system, personalize your favorite courses, and take your game to the next level.


You can choose to work with your PGA Professional or golf coach or Self Quantify on your own.


After every round you and those on your Share List will receive three Key Performance Marker (KPM) Reports.

Solution for all levels of golfers


At the core of every golfer is the desire to improve. Amateur golfers have a strong passion, devotion and commitment to their games. MindTRAK Golf is a mental-game improvement product that builds a strong mindset


You need to learn to stop making those mental mistakes that cause Lost Shot events. You need to develop the right mindset; your mindset will be the determining factor whether you make it or not.


Your players have a tremendous amount of power and skill but you know they throw too many shots away on the golf course.


It is counter productive if you are teaching an effective golf swing and your student has a dysfunctional mindset on the course.

Empowering you to emotionally detach from the anxiety that comes with result-oriented thinking.

Improve your score and find greater enjoyment. Utilize the MindTRAK Golf Key Performance Markers to eliminate “golf insanity”.

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